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We mainly build "custom made websites", that is from design, frontend html to backend content management system, all are based on client needs to design and construct, not build on particular open source templates. "Custom made websites" each will has unique appearance, while their frontend and backend functions are tailor made for each client.

As "custom made websites" are more manpower and time consuming, in the past they are mainly applied in corporate and universities, but we wish to bring this technique to small and medium enterprises in lower costs, making them more universal...

Custom made frontend html

Frontend html is usually interpreted as "looking good", and we further define frontend html with the consideration on "user experience".

To follow the trend on many internet users are using mobile devices to navigate websites, most of our websites built are in "responsive layouts" - the layout will automatically fit the screen of the desktop / tablet / mobile devices.

During production, we will stick to the "70% Magic" rule (perfect html will produce magic, but it can only score 70 marks highest), and we love to add html effects, making each website more attractive...

Custom made frontend html

Custom made backend CMS

Many websites nowadays are built on open source bases. However, when clients' requirements on functions exceed that the open source can provide, it must install plugins or modify the existing bases.

As plugins are not tailor made stuffs, moreover installing multiple plugins will easily end up with clashes; also open source are usually hard to modify their structure and workflow, therefore websites built on open source will always have functional constrains resulting in "cannot" and "can only".

We named "Impossible Creations", as we wish to at least overcome these limitations. With our own developed backend content management system, it is not only very user friendly, but also have unlimited extendibility to cater different client requirements...

Custom made backend CMS

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