SUGA International Holdings Limited

SUGA International Holdings Limited Website

Content accuracy is very important to a listed company website. To allow text contents be more attractive, the website applied a large number of layout design (more than 30, which is 3 times than other websites).

During construction, we especially paid attention to alignment integrity, in order to highlight the professional image of "SUGA"...

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Missionhills Maker

Missionhills Maker Website

"With a difference" is the production requirement of this website. We adopted "full page" navigation, together with photos in parallelogram and animations, we hope to show the vitality of "MH Maker" through browser.

We spent lots of efforts in gridding, so that every page can display a perfect "full page" appearance. This website also demonstrates our attitude on innovation...

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Knight Recruitment

Knight Recruitment

This is a recruitment website of a Head Hunter company. Client had great requirement on SEO url. Apart from using en-us, zh-hk as beginning of the url to distinguish languages, it has to be followed by the name of the job, e.g. /this-is-the-job-title. During production, we even stepped further and applied Chinese characters of the job in url...

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Candy and Chris 2015

Candy and Chris 2015 Wedding Website

Apart from photo albums of groom and bride, the website also had several interesting functions. In usual wedding banquets, photos were taken by photographers. Actually, guests would also take photos. These photos may not be very professional, but can describe the banquet from different angles, and they should be very valuable to the couple. Therefore, at the bottom of the website, there is a photo upload function. Photos uploaded by guests will be immediately played in the projector for instant sharing.

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